OMG! Our passengers experienced truly extraordinary sightings yesterday. Not only have the dolphins returned in huge numbers, but also an extremely rare sighting of a Thresher Shark fully breached just by Orestone, Torbay, around 9am.

Our Skipper, Rob, managed to capture this lucky shot as it breached high out of the water for the second time, showing off its distinctive tail to an amazed full boat of passengers.

The impressive shark was over 3 and a half meters in length, with metallic purple and blue hues that identify it as the Common Thresher. Usually found in warmer tropical waters, it is extremely rare in these parts, but follows recent sightings in the Lyme Bay region.

These beautiful sharks are harmless to humans, and we feel extremely blessed and excited to have seen this magnificent sight on one of our voyages.

Photos captured by Rob Hughes, Skipper at

Thresher Shark fully breached by Orestone, Torbay

Thresher Shark and Common Dolphins by Orestone, Torbay

Thresher Shark by Orestone, Torbay, Devon